3.5 /5
  • Price from: $9.11
  • Discount: 20%
  • Choose writers: No
  • Use of English: ESL
  • Min deadline: 6 hrs

Site’s Overview

WISEESSAYS is an academic writing website founded in the US. The company has helped more than 8,500 finish writing tasks, improve their grades and save time. What’s more, over 91% of WISEESSAYS clients order more than 5 times. This is truly indicative of the level of satisfaction they provide.

However, as I was talking to my friends and colleagues, I heard a lot of negative experiences with this site. It seems like it’s one of those sites that show spectacular reviews online, but you hear only the worst through word of mouth. I was curious to check out whether the site or its reviews were maybe fake.

So, I decided to place a test order on WISEESSAYS.com and review all the steps of the process. I will also pay special attention to specific sections of the websites (services they offer, guarantees, discounts, etc.).

Pricing System

The pricing system for WISEESSAYS services is transparent and you will get a quote right away. The pricing of their services differs according to the type of task you need, the academic level (high school to PhD), deadline and urgency and the total number of pages you need.

WISEESSAYS special prices start at $7.74 per page, which is well below the industry average of $19 per page (one page is equivalent to 275 words). You can look for discounts on their home page. You will also find out regarding discounts and perks if you sign up for their email newsletter. If you can’t find any, you can contact their customer support team to check whether there’s anything available before you accept the full price.

Types of Services

The types of services offered on this website are separated into Admission Services, Dissertation Services, Academic Writing, Assignments and Editing Services. The Assignments section is intended specifically for students who don’t need writing or editing, but actual problem-solving. You can order a PowerPoint presentation, solving of multiple choices questions, STEM projects and others.

Generally, most students purchase services from the Academic Writing section. The most popular ones are:

  • essays
  • term papers
  • research papers
  • coursework
  • case studies
  • articles
  • annotated bibliographies
  • book reviews

College admission essays fall in the majority of popular orders on this website, as well as scholarship application essays.

Students on the PhD level also need dissertation and thesis writing services. Since this implies a large volume of work, you can qualify for a great discount when you negotiate prices with your writer. Usually, PhD students decide to outsource chapters of their dissertation, while some order entire dissertations from writing websites.

Payment Options

WISEESSAYS has a variety of payment methods they accept. Actually, they possess a wider variety than the majority of other writing websites. You can choose the method that is most convenient to you and enjoy reward points and savings. Currently, their website supports:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • PayPal, and more

Many discounts are available for students who want to order a paper on WISEESSAYS.com. Currently, a promotion is ongoing where you get a 12% discount when you sign up via email. This is a huge discount for new users and you can rarely find a perk this good on other websites.


WISEESSAYS offers plenty of guarantees to make sure their service is competitive and high quality. It all starts with their customer service team that works hard to fulfil every wish of their customers. They also provide guarantees that promote trust and aim to provide a sense of certainty in quality and security. These are guarantees that can usually be found on other writing websites, too.

  • Customer service available 24/7

No matter which time zone you’re in or if you want to send a late-night message concerning your order, someone will be there to answer your query. What’s more, they will do it promptly, no matter what your request may be. You can reach their customer support via live chat, email or phone.

  • Originality guarantee

WISEESSAYS guarantees that all work you receive from them will be 100% plagiarism free. They run all their work through elegant plagiarism checkers. However, I saw some experiences with WISEESSAYS that claim of cases where their writers delivered plagiarized content.

  • On-time delivery guarantee

This is a guarantee that WISEESSAYS boasts with on their website. But, according to unbiased reviews from former customers, this is one of the biggest issues students face with their service. If you order an essay, it means that you are short on time. If your writer is late, you will not know until the very last minute. This is why missing a deadline is very tricky in that industry. Numerous experiences with WISEESSAYS.com claim they missed a deadline.

  • Money back guarantee

Instances like missing the deadline, which we previously mentioned, and other scenarios qualify for a refund. On their website WISEESSAYS.com, the company says that they are ready to offer full payment back to the client who is not satisfied for some reason. However, this guarantee comes with many strings attached. In most cases, you will be able to get a partial refund of 20-50% of what you paid, even if you can’t use their work at all.

  • Confidentiality and security

This is one of their guarantees that they stick to, according to other reviews. Namely, the site guarantees full authorship of the paper after you approve the writing and submit the payment. In other words, when you pay for the work, it is fully yours to use as you see fit, under your name. Nothing will ever be shared with third parties or disclosed with universities and schools. The same goes for your financial details, since WISEESSAYS incorporates secure payment providers.

Is Site Legit?

We have no doubt that WISEESSAYS.com is a legit site. They will definitely not scam you for your money as some other writing websites are prone to do. You will always be connected to real writers who will complete the work you require. However, you can go into depth and discuss whether the quality of those deliveries is satisfactory.

The point of this WISEESSAYS review was to give an objective overview of the quality of the service they provide. I don’t like their service very much, but it’s not a scam.


  • affordable prices and plenty of discounts
  • plagiarism guarantees and reports
  • suitable writing professionals for high school and 1st-2nd year college level
  • fast response time by their customer support team
  • a wide portfolio of services offered


  • expensive prices for urgent papers and tasks
  • lower quality of writing compared to some other writing websites
  • sub-par writing experts for higher education levels and PhD dissertations
  • limited refund policy and a difficult procedure of getting through the money back guarantee

To Sum Up

You can find better websites to order your essays than WISEESSAYS. I liked particular aspects of their work, especially their website. From the looks of it, it seems like it’s a highly professional website with a user-friendly interface. Once you start your order, you see that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Most evidently, their customer support is not as helpful and useful as on other website. On other high quality writing websites like PenDrago or ESSAYPRO, the customer service level is world-class. They know that you’re looking at several websites and comparing them, so they give their best to attract you to theirs.

This is not the case with WISEESSAYS. Their WISEESSAYS.com website attracts you with its design and user experience, but the customer support team does just the opposite.

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