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Site`s Overview

So, how do we find the answers to these questions? We take the time to conduct a thorough investigation. Of course, that means we review a written work from MyEssaysLab. We read customer reviews, compare prices, and explore the website.

Now, we’ve done all that and are ready to present our thoughts. Keep reading for all the answers you need. At the end, we’ll let you know what our final thoughts are.

Pricing System

MyEssaysLab is a service business. This describes one of the two pricing structures that are most commonly used in this industry. It simply means that customers pay a set amount for each page they receive. The alternative is a bid based site. This means the company allows writers access to orders, so they may submit bids.

For writing services, MyEssaysLab charges according to the number of pages as mentioned above.  However, these prices may increase or decrease. This is influenced by complexity, amount of time given to the writer, grade level, and document type. For standard academic writing, the lowest prices are for a high school paper with a two week deadline. The most expensive are for a doctoral student with a deadline that is less than a day away.

Students should also keep in mind that various writing categories are priced differently. For example, MyEssaysLab charges a different rate per page for academic writing than they do for admissions writing or dissertation writing.

There is one category of academic writing that cannot be priced per page. This is the problem-solving service offered at In those cases, students are charged a set amount for every problem that is resolved.

Finally, discounts are an important part of any writing services pricing structure. There are several offers here. These include first-time customer discounts, volume discounts, and loyalty discounts. They also offer seasonal discounts throughout the year.

Types of Services

MyEssayslab has three service categories. These are academic, professional, and job seekers. For this review, we largely focused on academic services. However, we will quickly describe their other services for your information. First, the professional services at can be found under ‘copywriting’ on the order form. Document types under this category are web content, blog posts, product reviews, website reviews, press releases, and articles.

Jobseeker services predictably include resumes, CV, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Many of these are sold in bundles.

Finally, academic options are the most popular. They are also the most extensive. We’ll start with the basic academic writing products. These are essays, term papers, lab reports, research papers, annotated bibliographies, critiques, and more. They offer problem-solving services for mathematics, physics, and other topics. Then there are dissertation services for graduate students. Customers may also order help with multiple choice questions. Finally, there are academic admissions services. In this category, there are product types such as admissions essays, personal statements, and scholarship essays.

In addition to writing from scratch, customers may also place orders for editing, proofreading, and rewriting. These services may be purchased on their own or as part of a larger order.

All in all, we believe that MyEssaysLab offers a satisfactory variety of writing services. Students who need academic assistance will be able to get the help they require. Further, the company is large enough to employ both American and UK writers. This gives students the opportunity to use the writer that is best for their needs.

Finally, we took some time to read several reviews from reputable consumer advocacy sites. One of the most common, positive remarks we read was in praise of the wide range of services that are available here. Perhaps even more notable is that MyEssaysLab seems to be able to accommodate advanced grade levels and complex topics.

Payment Options

When a company like MyEssaysLab offers multiple payment options, customers can select the option that works best for them. Here, they allow students to pay using PayPal, debit or credit card, or wire transfer. Further, payment processing appears to be done through a secure, third party provider in accordance with eCommerce standards. We believe that it is as safe to use this service, including submitting payment, as it is any other online service. Please note that payment is expected here before any work begins.


The website is full of guarantees. These are the same promises that you can find on any other writing service website. As we were researching for this review, we wanted to answer one question, “Does MyEssaysLab actually back their guarantees in a meaningful way?”

Here’s what we did to find out. First, we made a list of the promises and guarantees the company makes these are:

  • Work will be done by qualified writers who are fluent in English.
  • Customer service is available on demand.
  • Writing quality will be top-notch, and papers written according to instruction.
  • Revisions are free.
  • All writing is to order and completely original.
  • Papers are delivered on time.

Now it was time to find out if they actually lived up to their promises. Based on customer reviews and our experience, the answer is yes. While there were a few negative reviews of MyEssaysLab, those appear to be exceptions and outliers, for the most part, the company appears to deliver items as guaranteed.

Finally, we read through the guarantees and policy pages on the website. In the Money-back guarantee policy, it states that customers are entitled to a refund if their paper is not delivered on time, cannot be assigned to a writer, or the writer cannot finish it. Students will also be refunded if they cancel their order prior to work beginning. In the interest of fairness, partial credit is given if some work has been done.

According to their policies, revisions are done for free. Customers simply submit the request within a reasonable amount of time. Then, the work is done in a timely manner.

Is Site Legit?

Because MyEssaysLab is a legitimately registered business (their registration is in Cyprus), they deliver products as promised, and we found no allegations of fraudulent behavior, we categorize them as a legitimate site. However, that’s pretty minor praise. We also want to mention that the site exceeded expectations in terms of quality and customer support. This means they do much more than simply meeting the minimum standards. To evaluate this, we considered a combination of metrics such as quality writing, pricing, reputation, website navigation, and one time delivery.


There are definitely positive things to be said about MyEssaysLab. We’ve gone through all of those attributes and isolated a few of these. Here are our top choices:

  • Excellent writing.
  • Good customer service.
  • Consistent policies and delivery.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Discounts for nearly every customer.
  • Positive customer reviews.


Even after going through our review notes carefully, we found very few negative things to say about MyEssaysLab. In fact, our objective analysis did not uncover anything about MyEssaysLab that should stop customers from considering them. The only items we could come up with are more suggestions for improvement than criticism. For example, a dedicated blog with interesting posts would be wonderful. So would the addition of crypto as a payment option. Other than that, MyEssaysLab simply doesn’t need to change much to continue meeting the needs of customers.

To Sum Up

As we close out this MyessaysLab review, it should be clear that we readily endorse When we consider the most important factors, MyEssaysLab ranks high in every category. They have earned the position of the top writing service site. MyEssaysLab does well in:

  • Prices and discounts
  • Security and guarantees.
  • On time delivery.
  • Writing quality
  • Customer service
  • Reputation

To students who are considering, we can say that you will almost assuredly be glad you gave them a chance. They are quite reliable when it comes to meeting students’ needs.

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