HotEssayService Review with Real Testimonials

4.8 /5
  • Price from: $12.99
  • Discount: 15%
  • Choose writers: No
  • Use of English: ESL&ENL
  • Min deadline: 6 hrs

Site’s Overview

HotEssayService is an example of such companies that have recently appeared on the writing market. When we decided to create this HotEssayService review, we thought that we couldn’t find too much information about it as the company was quite new. We were surprised to discover that it already has a reputation in the writing industry. Clients know about it for providing professional writing services. Also, we read the testimonials available on They were mainly positive which means that the writers are doing a great job.

Apart from checking the official website, we also checked other online sources. We read different blog posts to discover more about the quality of the services delivered. We also used social media and got in contact with past clients. Their opinion was that HotEssayService is a reliable company and has the highest quality standards.

What did we do? We submitted an order on We didn’t expect to receive such great quality, but it happened. The communication with the customer support department was sleek. Also, the paper was delivered on time and the price was very friendly. All these aspects convinced us to recommend HotEssayService for professional writing services.


As we already mentioned, we found that HotEssayService offers great quality at budget-friendly prices. The company doesn’t have a long history in the market. Therefore, its main interest is to have a high satisfaction rate. When people are talking nice things about you, new clients will follow them immediately. So, this is HotEssayService’s strategy and it seems to work quite well.

Just like it happens in the case of other similar writing companies, clients can find how much they have to pay for their content directly from On the homepage, customers can find a price calculator. All they have to do is fill relevant details like type of service, difficulty level, number of pages, and desired deadline. Based on these parameters, HotEssayService will calculate the final price. Another great thing is that the price won’t change throughout the ordering process. Thus, the company made a good reputation on the market for having zero hidden costs.

We ordered an essay on one page for the high school level. Our desired deadline was 14 days. We got a price of $12.99. In comparison to what other companies are asking for similar services, we can say that HotEssayService has budget-friendly rates. We also received some extras included in this price. We didn’t have to pay any additional fees for limitless amendments, bibliography, outline, title page, formatting, annotated bibliography. If we would order such additional services on another company’s website, we would have paid $70.

Another excellent strategy that we appreciate about HotEssayService is their discount program. Customers will end up paying less than the price returned by the price calculator on if they stay loyal and keep ordering papers. The vendor offers lifetime discounts depending on the total number of pages ordered with HotEssayService’s writers. There are three discount stages, as follows:

  • 5% permanent discount for 15+ pages ordered in total
  • 10% lifetime discount for total orders of 50+ pages
  • 15% permanent price reductions for total orders of 100+ pages.

In case you are not sure whether you might get any discounts for your next order, you can ask for a free quotation on and discuss it with the customer support department.

Services Offered

HotEssayService works with professional writers who can deliver the following types of content:

  • Essays
  • Research paper
  • Dissertation
  • College application
  • Editing
  • Homework help
  • CV

Essays are some of the most popular types of writing services that HotEssayService’s writers deliver. The company’s target audience is formed mainly by students. Thus, they mainly order essays on different topics. As each essay is unique and professors’ have different requirements, the writers work hard to deliver plagiarism and error-free content.

Also, the rest of the services target not only students but also young professionals who want to develop a career in a certain domain. CV writing service is at high demand these days. Clients need professional help in writing a convincing cover letter and prepare resumes that attract the recruiters’ attention. HotEssayService professionals manage to have high success rates. The company works with professionals in HR who are open to sharing their tips and tricks in creating a winning CV.

As we are talking about the services delivered, we consider that in this chapter we should also talk about the writers’ quality. HotEssayService is permanently looking for skilled writers who go through a selective recruiting process. Only talented and English native individuals are selected to work for HotEssayService. Therefore, the company manages to consolidate its reputation on the market and satisfy its clients.

Payment Methods was our main source of information for the approved payment methods. We discovered that the company is quite flexible in offering diverse payment alternatives. Everyone knows that students prefer those methods which are easy to use and safe. Therefore, HotEssayService offers PayPal as a payment alternative. Also, clients can pay with their cards. The company accepts VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, and Discover cards. WireTransfer is also an accepted payment solution.

Policy Details

HotEssayService has different policies that put processes in order and make customers feel comfortable that their interests are fully protected. We identified the money-back-guarantee and revision policy that makes us trust HotEssayService as a reliable writing company.

Money-Back Guarantee

Clients have the right to ask for refunds under some circumstances. Even though HotEssayService puts consistent efforts to keep customers satisfied, exceptional situations can appear. Thus, the company has developed the following refund guidelines:

  • 100% refund is possible if the client cancels the order before HotEssayService assigns a writer to the other.
  • 70% of the money is returned if the client decides to revoke the order immediately after a writer was assigned to start the order.
  • 50% refund is offered when the client cancels the order in the middle of the deadline period.

In case the content is delivered after the agreed deadline, the client can submit a refund request. However, such situations will be carefully analyzed by the customer support team. In the case of long-term orders that have a deadline of more than 14 days, the refund percentage will not be higher than 7%. The reason why each case is individually analyzed is that there might be situations when the writer was not at fault. The cases when HotEssayService is exonerated from paying any refund amounts are the following:

  • The writer encountered certain technical difficulties that didn’t allow him/her to connect to the browser or the computer
  • The customer received a request from the writer for additional information and didn’t reply on time
  • The client decided on a voluntary basis to give the writer more time for writing the paper

Free Revision Policy

A client can submit a revision request in the first 14 days since the order was submitted by the writer. HotEssayService considers that this period is enough for any client to identify if the writer to identify any errors in the delivered content. If the customer discovers that the writer didn’t follow the instructions, he/she is entitled to ask for unlimited revisions. In case the new instructions differ from what was initially communicated to the writer, then the client will have to pay additional fees as this will be considered a new order.

Is the Site Legit? is definitely a legit website. The main reason that led us to this conclusion was that it is professionally built. Customers can go through all pages easily and quickly identify the information they need. Also, all payment methods are 100% secure. Customers don’t have any emotions when they finalize the payments on as they know that their accounts won’t be put at risk. Finally, the policies clarify all rules and make the client trust the company as he/she knows that there are clear guidelines for each situation.


HotEssayService is a reliable writing company for the following reasons:

  • Affordable prices
  • User-friendly website
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Professional writers


HotEssayService could apply some improvements in the following situations:

  • No referral discount
  • Lack of information on affiliate marketing


HotEssayService positively impressed us. We wouldn’t expect that such a new company is able to have all services put in place and follow clear guidelines in its operations. We liked that they keep high standards when selecting writers. Also, they put the customers’ needs on top of their priorities. Therefore, the company offers affordable prices and generous discounts to keep customers loyal. Another worth-to-mention aspect is the clear list of policies and guidelines. It is important for a client to feel safe when he/she submits a writing order. HotEssayService manages to offer this comfort very well with clear information and secure payment methods. Thus, we are 100% positive in recommending HotEssayService as a top writing company.


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