EssayPro Review: Signs You Can Trust a Writing Service

6.4 /5
  • Price from: $10.80
  • Discount: 7%
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  • Use of English: ESL&ENL
  • Min deadline: 6 hrs

Site’s Overview

EssayPro is a well-known academic writing provider. They serve English speaking students with writers from The United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To write this review, we took the following steps:

  • Explored the website.
  • Compared EssayPro prices with similar academic services.
  • Reviewed Discounts
  • Read Online Student Reviews
  • Received And Reviewed a Written Work For Accuracy
  • Examined The Process of Making a Payment

Our goal was to answer the following questions:

  • Is this writing service safe and trustworthy?
  • Will students receive papers that are appropriate, accurate, and well-written?
  • Is it safe to provide personal and financial information to this company?
  • What guarantees does the company offer, and do they stand by those promises?

Thanks to our research, we were able to find the answers to these questions and more. To learn more about our experiences, keep reading this EssayPro review.

Pricing System

The front page of the website has a calculator that helps visitors preview the amount of money they will pay for the paper they order. Because of this, we assumed that this was a service-based website that charged a standard rate for each page. Later, as we reviewed the process for taking an order, we learned this was not true.

EssayPro is actually an academic writing marketplace. This means that customers place orders, and then receive bids from interested writers. They then accept the bid that is most attractive to them.

When students place an order for bids, they have two choices. The first is to open their order for public bidding. In this case, they will receive bids from anyone who chooses to submit one. If they submit their order privately, they are able to hand-select writers who are able to place a bid. This is a great option if you have time to read the reviews of multiple writers or have a favorite set of writers that you prefer to use.

Because this is a bidding system, the company doesn’t offer discounts. Instead, customers can work with writers to negotiate the best terms. This might include persuading the writer to add citations or complete a title page.

Types of Services

EssayPro has focused its service offerings entirely on the academic sector. Below is a description of each of their service areas as displayed on

Academic Writing

This covers assistance that students would need with any academic writing assignment. This includes essays, research papers, term papers, creative writing, book reports, literature reviews, and more. Students who are applying to school can also place an order for help with admissions essay writing.

This is the service area we selected to review the quality of writing at EssayPro. We can affirm that they did deliver a completed paper. The essay showed that the writer complied with our instructions, and there were no significant mistakes.

Coursework/Homework Help

Coursework services cover all work that is unrelated to long-form academic writing. This includes assisting with homework assignments including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Engineer
  • Math
  • More

Students may also get assistance from an academic specialist with multiple choice questions, word problems, and short answer questions.


Rewriting services cover the same service offerings and academic topics that are offered under the academic writing category. However, in these cases, students upload existing work to be evaluated and rewritten. Students generally order rewriting services when they have a work of their own that they wish to have rewritten for quality reasons or to repurpose a previous assignment for a new course. Students may also submit a work to have it rewritten to avoid accusations of plagiarism.


Editing services involve reviewing a previously written work for mistakes in grammar, spelling, and mechanics. This also includes fixing factual errors, issues with phrasing, and formatting.

Finally, this service provider does not offer copywriting services for business. It also does not offer resume or CV services to job seekers. Some customers may find this limiting. Others may appreciate the fact that the company focuses its efforts entirely on academics.

Payment Options

At this time, EssayPro only accepts payments from a bank-affiliated debit or credit card. This includes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. They do not accept PayPal, cryptocurrency, or digital wallet payments. They also don’t allow bank transfers or electronic checks. This is rare among writing services, considering that most providers do accept PayPal at least.

Our research indicates that customers are safe in placing an order here and making payment. We did not find any pattern of issues with payment-related fraud, loss of data, or other problems. Any issues with the payment process appear to be limited to individual cases and resolved satisfactorily.


In order to evaluate the guarantees offered by EssayPro, we started by reading their policy pages. These include terms and conditions, privacy, and refunds. Then, we sought out student reviews of EssayPro. Our goal in doing that was to find examples of students who were dissatisfied with the service they received from EssayPro. We wanted to see how the company dealt with those complaints, and if they adhered to their published policies. Here is a brief overview of their policies:

Terms And Conditions

This document details how these services work. It explains the process of depositing money into the customer account to pay for orders, how an order is placed, and how services are delivered. The terms and conditions state that papers are not intended to be submitted ‘as is’ for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of a degree, certificate, or course of study. This statement is likely to protect writers and the company from complaints or actions from students who receive poor grades after using these services.


The privacy policy details the collection of student data, and how it is used. This policy is very similar to that found on other writing service web pages. It also details how students may block or erase cookies. It doesn’t indicate that students may delete or modify their information stored on the company’s servers. This could be an issue for some students. The privacy policy does not mention GDPR compliance.


The refund policy explains the situations in which a student may receive a refund. These are granted only in limited circumstances. This includes the inability to assign an expert, failure to deliver a product, late delivery, duplicate orders, and plagiarism. Refunds may be in full, or prorated. Customers may also submit a disputed claim if they believe they have cause to request a refund for another reason. These are reviewed by the company who has the power to accept or reject such requests.

We read several student reviews. Those that had issues were largely happy with the resolution. However, there were a few reviews that detailed students feeling as if they were treated poorly.

Is EssayPro Legit?

We are comfortable stating that EssayPro is a legitimate company. To better understand what that means, please review our list of criteria:

  • com is a safe website to visit and navigate.
  • Students who place orders routinely receive the products they are supposed to.
  • It is safe to place an order and make a payment.
  • The company enjoys a reasonably positive reputation among customers.

However, we want to be clear that this is not to be interpreted as a full-endorsement. This just indicates that there is no evidence of fraudulent activity.


As we reviewed EssayPro, we did a few positive points. Here is a list of the most worthwhile of these:

  • EssayPro provides a detailed profile and rating of each writer.
  • Customers may hand-select writers who are invited to bid on their orders.
  • Students can set a budget for their order.


We also uncovered some negative points as we investigated EssayPro. First, we believe that visitors at may be confused by the nature of the services here. The price calculator seems to indicate that prices are established by the company when this is not the case. In addition to this, students are not actually permitted to use the documents they receive for an academic submission.

To Sum Up

We cannot recommend EssayPro at this time, nor can we advise against using this service. EssayPro is clearly a legitimate company. However, student experiences are somewhat mixed. If students do decide to use this service, we encourage them to review policy pages completely and to thoroughly research any writers who submit bids. We also recommend using the feature to open orders for private bidding only. This will prevent orders from being inundated with low-ball bids from poor-quality providers.

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