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7.8 /5
  • Price from: $12.99
  • Discount: 15%
  • Choose writers: No
  • Use of English: ESL&ENL
  • Min deadline: 3 hrs

Site’s Overview

What came to bother us was the huge growth in the number of online writing services that are marketing to students. Some of them have popped up so quickly, we were suspicious. So, in addition to our “day jobs” as writers and editors, we decided to launch a website that would check into these writing companies and give students the factual information they need to make good choices.

This latest Boom Essays review is one more notch in our mission. Read the summary and see if it might be a writing service you want to use.

Pricing System

We are addressing pricing first because this is sometimes what students look at first. They want a bargain, of course, but we have to caution that cheap prices result in cheap quality. We look for pricing that is compatible with that of other industry leaders, because that pricing is both reasonable and “par for the course.”

Fortunately, has a pricing structure that is compatible with the best industry standards. Here is how they measure up:

  • Pricing is provided in U.S. dollar, though students in other countries can convert to their currencies at time of payment
  • Costs begin at $12.99 per page, for a high school essay with a two-week deadline requirement. These prices increase as the type of product or service, the level of study, and the deadline change. Doctoral students can expect to pay up to $53.99, if they have an urgent need.
  • There are categories of services (described below) that come with separate pricing structures, and this is something we like to see. Different products and services have different complexities, and they should be priced differently.
  • BoomEssays also offers discounts that are comparable to those of other reliable writing companies. There is a link to these on the landing page, giving cost discounts for both new and returning customers.
  • BoomEssays also offers several free benefits that do have a cost benefit – formatting, title, outline, and bibliography pages, along with a plagiarism scan, and revisions.
  • Visitors who decide to become customers will also be offered additional options during the checkout process. These come with costs, and BoomEssays customers can choose to pay more for a UK writer or other premium writers, advanced customer service, a one-page summary, and more.

In all, BoomEssays provide the types of pricing structure we want to see, and we rate it highly in this category.

Types of Services

This is the most important category for us. We want to see a broad range of services, so that students who want to find a “forever home” with a single writing service can do so.

BoomEssays has its services divided into categories, all of which can be found in a drop-down menu. Visitors can click on any of these to get more detail. In a nutshell, these are the services offered:

  • Essay Writing: There are basic essays that are normally assigned in English comp courses, and there are research-based essays that will be assigned in many other courses.
  • Research Paper Writing: this includes such things as high school term papers and more sophisticated research works at the college and graduate school levels.
  • Thesis and Dissertation Help: These final projects for Master’s and Ph.D. candidates are grueling in terms of research and analysis. Most students producing these works do need assistance, Boom Essays has Ph.D. researchers in all academic fields.
  • Admissions Essays: This category includes creative writing for high schoolers applying to undergrad schools, and university students in need of personal statement essays in applying for grad programs.
  • Math/Science Coursework and Projects: STEM programs are tough. BoomEssays states that it has those experts to help students from high school through grad programs with problem sets, calculations, modeling and other projects.
  • Resumes/CV’s: Students often look for part-time positions, internships, and the like while in school. And, when they are getting ready to graduate, they are seeking their first career positions. BoomEssays has a department of HR professionals who can create or edit/proofread these applicant documents
  • Additional Services: Those products/services not covered in the above list are grouped into this category – editing, proofreading, re-writing, and a host of other academic assignment products.

The range is broad, all-encompassing, and impressive. The other elements in all of this, though is the quality that a writing service produces. Any company can offer everything, but most do not provide the quality that comes from great, qualified researchers and writers.

Here is how BoomEssays fares in this regard:

  • All of the content on the website is perfectly composed. We insist upon this, because the care taken to produce such content means that care will also be taken in producing customer writing orders.
  • There are a number of sample pieces on the BoomEssays website. We carefully reviewed three of these, looking for solid thesis statements, research integrity, and good, scholarly composition that was appropriate for the customer grade level. In all three, we saw what we were looking for.
  • There are users of our website who have been and still are customers of BoomEssays. Not only do they praise the company for the quality they get, but they continue to use it for their academic needs. When customers return, it’s a good sign.
  • On the web (especially social media and consumer reporting websites), we also found customers who were very happy with what the company delivers to them.

Given this evidence, we are giving BoomEssays a top rating.

Payment Methods allows payment by all of the most common and popular methods – all major credit or debit cards, PayPal, and wire transfer. Any student will find a way to pay for his order from BoomEssays.

But there is always the issue of safety. Anyone making a purchase from an online retailer for the first time, always faces this concern. BoomEssays has this covered. First, customers state that they have never had an issue with payment security. Second, the company uses a secure payment processing platform that is used by lots of big online retailers.


Guarantees are important in this industry. Without them, customers really have no recourse if things go badly and they do not get a quality product that they like. We expect to see certain guarantees from a writing company we rate well. But more important we want to know from customers that companies actually live up to those guarantees.

BoomEssays has the guarantees we see from all professional writing companies. Further, customers state that these are honored when they have asked for one or more to be provided. Here are those promises:

Revisions: Customers are entitled to free revisions – as many as necessary until they are happy with their final piece. Those who have asked for revisions state that BoomEssays gets on them quickly. There is one exception within this guarantee. If a revision adds something new to the original order and the writer will have to complete additional work, there will be fee applied.

Privacy: There is a policy to this effect on the BoomEssays website. It explains what types of information its collects when a customer first places an order – their name, email address, and working phone number. This information is then encrypted and stored behind strong firewalls, and the customer is assigned an ID number to use any for his personal account. No one else is ever given customer personal information.

Plagiarism-Free Products: has a quality control department that runs a full check on final pieces of writing before they are delivered to a customer. One of those checks involves a plagiarism scan.

Meeting Deadlines: BoomEssays delivers on time. None of the customers whose comments we found stated that they received their orders late – many stated they were ahead of schedule. If the company does miss a deadline due to fault of its own, it provides refunds and discounts.

Customer Instructions: Customers provide detailed instructions in their order forms. The assigned BoomEssays writer must adhere to those, and the quality assurance department checks this. If any instructions are not followed, the issue is corrected quickly.

Qualified Writers: BoomEssays has a large pool contracted writers. Once it looks at order details, it assigns a writer who has the qualifications to complete it. If a customer should be unhappy with a writer, he can request another. does guarantees right – high marks from us.

Is Site Legit?

Of course, BoomEssays is a legitimate site of a legitimate company. It has a nicely-appointed website, provides clear information, is transparent, and fulfills orders to customers’ satisfaction. And it goes beyond just legitimacy. It truly focuses on providing the kind of quality we like to see.


Most important for would-be customers:

  • BoomEssays is honest and ethical
  • Focuses on long-term relationships with students
  • Produces high quality
  • Service during and after the sale
  • Lives by its guarantees


  • Not enough high school and lower undergraduate samples
  • Blog not up-to-date
  • Some of the fee-based extras are pricey

To Sum Up

We definitely like BoomEssays. It has all of the qualities that we expect to see in a writing service that is transparent, honest, and committed to its customers. A student could definitely find an academic assistance “home” here. We highly recommend to any student at any level.

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