About us

Hello! I’m Charlotte!

Thank you for visiting my website. I love making new friends and acquaintances.

I have been writing for more than a decade, and I’ve edited a lot of work as well.

So I have thorough knowledge when it comes to which write-ups are good, bland, and ugly. There’s nothing more frustrating than bad writing output.

That being said, I have also talked to thousands of people and did a lot of work for clients who went to me so that I can fix what they expected to be good work.

These kinds of work include revising the output that they paid a good sum of money for. It breaks my heart to hear their stories and how these bad kinds of work affect them. It does not just leave the individual frustrated. They also get stressed out because they have to do the job all over again.

And the thing about that is that I can relate to their experience. There are so many pseudo-writers who tell people that they have a certain skill level and when they provide the output, it’s way off and very disappointing.

Many similar stories to this make you want to go mad because these scam companies are doing us a disservice and giving professional writers a bad reputation.

As a blogger who has thousands of readers, I believe that writing good content is a way of serving your audience. When they see that content is well written and thought out, you start to build a relationship with them, and that in itself is a huge thing for me.

Some of my family, friends, and followers asked me how to know if the website they are looking to ask for writing services is legit. I told them some information that I think is critical to know if the website is legit.

When they followed my advice, they came back to me saying that I did them a solid. In my mind, I just told them some important things about writing websites.

That’s when it hit me. There is a real need to know the authenticity of these types of websites because the service they render is critical to those who need them.

This is why I felt like I owe it to those who have been fooled by scam writing websites to create this service. I want everyone to get genuine and trustworthy writing services as well as expose those who are trying to get away with bad writing.

It is also my way of giving back to the community that trusted me when it comes to identifying which writing websites are legit and how to spot one that will just try to get away with your money.

Let’s face it, in our world today, it is really hard to find legitimate and high-quality writing because there are so many services that try to outsmart one another.

It’s not enough that a website offers cheap services because there is more to saving money that qualifies a website to render great writing service. And in my little way, I hope to help you through this website and how to find the right service for your writing needs.

I may not be a superhero, but I’d like to think that I am your sidekick doing all I can to help you accomplish the job you need to be done well.

There are many ways to do it, and the job is fairly huge for one person. This is why I enjoin you to be part of the journey.

I hope you’ll go along for the ride. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to talk to you!

Thanks and talk to you soon! xx